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May 05 2014


Baller Basketball Academy – BallerIAm.com

Basketball Speed and Agility Training is one of the most important parts of training. Great foot work, lateral and linear movement in basketball creates great ball players. But many coaches do not train for Speed and Agility. Most coaches are great at conditioning and actual basketball training, but training for speed and agility requires a different type of training and mindset. - Youth Basketball Training

Basketball and all sports in general always have a great conditioning, strength training and advance skilled training. But that’s not good enough anymore. Cross, Plyometric, Band and Speed & Agility Training are a must to gain the extra edge.
Individual, Group, Travel Team, School, Youth, College, Adult and professionals can all benefit from a wide variety of Speed & Agility Training. Our goal is to make you faster, quicker and more agile while still being under control athletically.
Plyometrics, Resistance, Cross Training, Lateral KG3, Speed Insight, Lateral Complex, TPX-Training Quick Agility, Speed Recovery, Burst, Hand Eye, Endurance, Confidence, Speed Handles, Movement IQ are paramount to Generation XYZ athletes.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was one of the true innovators of using Speed and Agility. He used his great hand speed to knock out opponents. But what was crucial to his success was his great lateral movement to slip punches. To this day we have never seen a boxer quite like him. He was an early Speed & Agility Advocate.
Ali worked on his Speed and Agility relentlessly. While every other boxer was training using traditional methods he and his trainer Angelo Dundee felt if you are faster and able to move better than anyone else you can become a champion. Boy were they right!

Float Like A Buttery Fly Sting Like A Bee, Rumble Young Man Rumble

As a basketball player you know about conditioning, weight/strength training and basketball skill training but you must get your Speed and Agility on. Basketball Speed and Agility Training will definitely separate the top players from the average players. But an average player can increase his ability by anticipating that great players will not train in Speed & Agility.

Baller Basketball Academy – BallerIAm.com
After coaching recreation basketball, middle school, travel team, AAU, USAAA, YBOA and watching/ playing in 1000's of games in multiple sports Trent Partridge and Kevin Green noticed many athletes could have been faster, quicker and more agile with proper training. We strongly felt they were not trained in Speed and Agility. The duo decided to start training players from infants to professionals in increasing speed, agility, coordination, reflex, burst, quickness, linear and lateral movement while still having body control with proper balance.

We started creating Creative Basketball Speed & Agility Programs that combined multiple sport/cross training techniques with traditional advanced basketball training. Our goal is to create a better smarter athlete that understands clearly the importance of continually gaining speed and becoming more agile.

Basketball Speed & Agility Training, Cross Training, Travel Basketball Connection, Ft Lauderdale, Miami. You Might Not Be The Fastest But You Can Get Faster. Train Like The Pros!

Trent Partridge – Author, Basketball Speed & Agility Trainer, Internet Marketer, Non-Profit WannaHelpFoundation.org, Twitter.com/Media55 - Youth Basketball Training

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